Hello 2017

Hello~ I’m taking a “break” from the presentation/document that I’m working on for tomorrow’s meeting. I did promise myself to blog about the new year. As mentioned in the previous blog, I’m done with 2016 but I still feel like I wanna blog about it. Some other time, maybe!


Anyway, here I am on a relatively nearby Starbucks cause I need to get sh*t done and it cannot be done by the sight of my bed. And I know this is one of the struggles of those who work at home. If I were somewhere else (read: NOT IN MANILA), I’d be motivated AF to work, but nope. I have to be here for now.

When I left my corporate job (here we go again!), it opened up the doors to millions of possibilities. And to be honest, even I wasn’t expecting to have that much opportunities. S/O to my boss who understands my hatred for Manila (LOL). Seriously, I’m extremely grateful to have this kind of life.

Anyway, for this year, I promise myself to document as much adventures as I could, not to earn likes or anything, but for me. I want to have things to look back on, so I can see how far I’ve gone. I am looking forward to more quality travels. I just lost the excitement to visit different places, at this point. I’m more looking forward to going back to places I’ve been to, get to know them better and see what else they can offer. I do intend to stay in one place for a while *fingers crossed*. I am praying it’ll push through. Other factors to consider are internet connection and workload.

I have so much to write about, maybe some other time. Break’s over!!





John and I discussed blogging and he agreed for me to have my own “space”, FollowJM still exists and would be our archive  – a place I could revisit.

I created this blog a few days ago yet I’ve been delaying writing my first entry. I find blog introductions and whatnots the most difficult to write. So, here I am on the last day of the year thinking what do I wanna share on the world wide web.

To be honest, I’m over 2016 way before it’s done. 2016 has taught me a lot yet at the same time it feels like it just flew by. A lot of hardships, lessons, hopes and dreams happened in 2016. The best decision I feel I made this year was leaving my corporate job. Not because I think highly of myself and I see myself ballsy for making that move (ok fine, maybe I do, just a little). I am a firm believer of freeing yourself of things that made you unhappy and this year, I just proved to myself that I do not regret making that decision. I was miserable in my old work, every time I’m about to start my day – I would cry, I would feel like vomiting and I just despise the idea of going to work. That’s how much I truly hated it .The only thing that made me stay that long was John, my colleagues-turned-friends and the bosses who saw the goodness in me and kept me sane.

I still hate my idea of what I do for a living defines who I am. But I do like the idea that not even once I imagined – I am now a digital nomad. Speaking of which, I’m excited for what’s in store for me and John and our other friends for 2017. Something promising *IS* happening early this year in my work. I just don’t wanna talk about it yet cause I might jinx it. LOL. But seriously, good riddance to the work that made me unhappy. Now I see all of the great things in store for me.


I honestly do not know why I bothered creating a new blog, I wanna start vlogging but then I know how awkward I am in front of the camera – I can’t, I just can’t. And I’m liking microblogging through Instagram. But who knows, maybe I’ll start vlogging next year, eh? 🙂

For now, cheers and thank you 2016! Welcome 2017!