I’m taking a mental health break from all the back log of work(s). Yes, I have two jobs and another on the side. I always thought freelancers have it easier, and now I hate myself for judging them. I now have high regard for people who work outside of the office. They don’t have it easier, they just have control of their time. Everyone is fighting their own battles, be it commuting to work or juggling online work.


I arrived last Saturday in Baler, and between catching up with the kids, working, doing mundane tasks such as helping in the kitchen and tidying up the room and barely surfing, everything’s been well. I am liking this simple life. We got invited last Monday to a birthday party of a girl who we didn’t (personally) know! Been eating well thanks to those who cook for me, and I’m enjoying the “family dinner” we’ve been having every night. I am extremely blessed I have these kids who take care of me. Sleeping is another story tho, we’re all cramped in my room, but no one has been complaining.

The other night, the power went out. We did what we could to amuse ourselves, singing our hearts out, talking about food before eventually one by one they managed to sleep.  The power went back as soon as some were almost asleep, one managed to sleep through the humidity. I was the last one to sleep cause gotta adult first. 

I’ve been *trying* to vlog. It’s just that some moments aren’t meant to be missed fiddling with my phone or camera just trying to capture it. Safe to say, I kinda suck at vlogging. I still have a few weeks to go. 


I tried surfing again after x months of not surfing + wrist pain from typing too much. I did manage to reach the lineup, the current just was too strong and I got too exhausted so I just decided to paddle in.

Some days are more laid back than others, I don’t have a routine. Some days you’ll find me in Charlie Does (a coffee shop here) or in Smart (a resort) or just at home. I feel like all my mother’s lesson has been helping me, preparing food, tidying up just a little bit, being more responsible and considerate to others too. Speaking of mother, she’s been constantly texting me asking me when I’ll come home,  my reply is always “indefinitely”.

I realised that this is my life now, I’m away from the comfort of my home and away from my family, which still makes me sad, I miss my parents, my brothers and my nephews. But I feel like I have to do this.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I’ll end this entry. Maybe I’ll start writing again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. Maybe I won’t. Who knows?




On not having to go to an office


Dreaming I’m near the ocean, wishing I was. The upside is, I won’t bother filing leaves, considering if it’ll be approved or what not. Basically, everywhere with internet connection is my office. I conquer the world in shorts and sneakers. I do have to deal with shitty and unstable service once in a while, but what is that compared to a miserable workspace, right?


I’m still in this point in my life where I’m trying to sort everything out, we all gotta start somewhere. I’m still adjusting with my current struggles, unlike before I would wake up, take a quick bath, get ready, cry and try to talk myself in to not going to work (true story) and going to work anyway. But now, I have to actually manage my time, dedicate a time for work – including planning where to work if the house gets too noisy, I get paid less too, but to be honest, I wouldn’t trade this kind of “problem” to going back to a job that reminds so much of my time and of my life.


I would be taking a break from traveling which I’ve already mentioned in my previous blog. It’s not as if I won’t travel any less, my main goal is to travel back to places I’ve been to, get to know the culture and the people more. At the top of my head, Baler is my priority, Catanduanes is next or maybe Ilocos or Davao, I’ve yet to actually think about that. I just feel like as much as I would love to plan to the tiniest detail, I shouldn’t. And I’m guessing that’s a good thing.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who travel a lot, it gives me an idea of which route to take. Do I want to travel long term around South East Asia? Or South America, maybe. Where do I want to start. A good friend of mine would – in her loving and motherly way would give me tips and ideas. And traveling around the world now seems like within arms reach. But, I feel like that’s not something I wanna pursue for now. I’m not closing any doors for that possibility, I’m just holding it off. Which is the true beauty of life, we all have our lives ahead of us yet we’re all caught up trying to prepare for the future that we’re no longer living in the present. I’m not saying preparing for the future is a bad thing, I’m saying being obsessed with it is what makes it bad. Ask yourself if you’re living in the now.


Hello 2017

Hello~ I’m taking a “break” from the presentation/document that I’m working on for tomorrow’s meeting. I did promise myself to blog about the new year. As mentioned in the previous blog, I’m done with 2016 but I still feel like I wanna blog about it. Some other time, maybe!


Anyway, here I am on a relatively nearby Starbucks cause I need to get sh*t done and it cannot be done by the sight of my bed. And I know this is one of the struggles of those who work at home. If I were somewhere else (read: NOT IN MANILA), I’d be motivated AF to work, but nope. I have to be here for now.

When I left my corporate job (here we go again!), it opened up the doors to millions of possibilities. And to be honest, even I wasn’t expecting to have that much opportunities. S/O to my boss who understands my hatred for Manila (LOL). Seriously, I’m extremely grateful to have this kind of life.

Anyway, for this year, I promise myself to document as much adventures as I could, not to earn likes or anything, but for me. I want to have things to look back on, so I can see how far I’ve gone. I am looking forward to more quality travels. I just lost the excitement to visit different places, at this point. I’m more looking forward to going back to places I’ve been to, get to know them better and see what else they can offer. I do intend to stay in one place for a while *fingers crossed*. I am praying it’ll push through. Other factors to consider are internet connection and workload.

I have so much to write about, maybe some other time. Break’s over!!





John and I discussed blogging and he agreed for me to have my own “space”, FollowJM still exists and would be our archive  – a place I could revisit.

I created this blog a few days ago yet I’ve been delaying writing my first entry. I find blog introductions and whatnots the most difficult to write. So, here I am on the last day of the year thinking what do I wanna share on the world wide web.

To be honest, I’m over 2016 way before it’s done. 2016 has taught me a lot yet at the same time it feels like it just flew by. A lot of hardships, lessons, hopes and dreams happened in 2016. The best decision I feel I made this year was leaving my corporate job. Not because I think highly of myself and I see myself ballsy for making that move (ok fine, maybe I do, just a little). I am a firm believer of freeing yourself of things that made you unhappy and this year, I just proved to myself that I do not regret making that decision. I was miserable in my old work, every time I’m about to start my day – I would cry, I would feel like vomiting and I just despise the idea of going to work. That’s how much I truly hated it .The only thing that made me stay that long was John, my colleagues-turned-friends and the bosses who saw the goodness in me and kept me sane.

I still hate my idea of what I do for a living defines who I am. But I do like the idea that not even once I imagined – I am now a digital nomad. Speaking of which, I’m excited for what’s in store for me and John and our other friends for 2017. Something promising *IS* happening early this year in my work. I just don’t wanna talk about it yet cause I might jinx it. LOL. But seriously, good riddance to the work that made me unhappy. Now I see all of the great things in store for me.


I honestly do not know why I bothered creating a new blog, I wanna start vlogging but then I know how awkward I am in front of the camera – I can’t, I just can’t. And I’m liking microblogging through Instagram. But who knows, maybe I’ll start vlogging next year, eh? 🙂

For now, cheers and thank you 2016! Welcome 2017!